appleboy is peachgirl's best friend. he's everything you could want to be, teen supermodel,

child soilder, and costco platinum card holder.


his pronouns are he/him and he's a bassist! his real name is charlie,

but he's known professionally as appleboy. charlie is a stupid name, not like appleboy:smug:

about appleboy

"so, appleboy. what's your favorite food?

"hm. yogurt."

"just yogurt?"

"yeah, i mean it's a versitaile food. i usually have it with fruit and granola."

"[chuckles] isn't that cannibalism?"

"hm. you think you're real funny with your homophobia, yeah?"

"that's not what i mean-"

"yeah, man? it's the 21st century, i shouldn't have to deal with [censored] like you anymo- oh you meant because i'm in orchard."


"um. sure. yeah i'm a cannibal. gotta love fruit."

"erm. let's continue. what's your favorite place?"

"amoeba records, the one on haight, have you been?"

"yeah, once, i was like fifteen though."

"i like collecting records. peach gives me a lot of [redacted] for it."

"does she?"

"yeah. she says it clutters up the living room, but i don't say the same [redacted] about her shrine to winona ryder."

"huh. so, records. so what's your favorite song?"

"i like joy division. 'great big gig in the sky' [redacted] bangs."

[end transcript]

appleboy's favorite movie is actually thesoundofmusic. it's probably because he's gay.