strawberrygirl, industry fruit

the record for most known about strawberrygirl belongs to mangokid, who knows her name and coffee order. mysterious and YOUR manic pixie dreamgirl, she's incredible.


her pronouns are she/her, and she sings! (but she can play the voilin too) she's also a gemini.

about strawberrygirl

"hello, strawberrygirl! you have everything ready, yes?"

"mhm! let's get started"

"okay, what's your favorite food?"

"oh, that's a tough one. i'll go with fried rice... no, gummy worms. final answer."

"haha, good choice."

"dude, i love gummy worms. i always had a bag of the sour ones, when appleboy and i shared a room i'd throw them at him."

"that doesn't sound nice."

"you never had to share a room with charlie. plus, i was like 10."

"[laughs] okay, where's your favorite place?"

"hm. love of ganesh, it smells really nice. it has good energy, you know?"

"so it feels safe?"

"bluegh, you sound like a therapist. no, it just feels like- calming and nice to be there."

"hm. okay. what's your favorite song?"

"can i let you in on a secret? i REALLY like my chemical romance."

"who doesn't?"

"no, i mean i REALLY like them. i've secretly been to every concert they have in the bay."

"woah, you really do like them."

"there's a reason i don't post my spotifiy wrapped. i can't let this get out. i have an image to uphold."

"huh. so, favorite song?"

"[redacted], i totally forgot about that. cancer, probably. it's like a ballad, that's nice."

[end transcript]