December 12, 2023

in an effort to not seem condescending, i over explain things so people dont think i'm trying to leave them out of a conversation but i'm really removed from society so i dont know what is common knowledge and what stuff i need to explain so i end up asking people "do you know about [thing]?" or saying "sorry, you haven't heard about [topic]" even though [thing] and [topic] are really well-known... so i really went through all that effort to not seem condescending and end up doing it anyway. like, "onika=burgers" is apparently more well-known than the cask of amontillado, which is fair. i think onika burgers has done more for modern society than cask of amontillado even though i really love it. but THAT means i will over explain okina=burgers and than drop cask of amontillado references like its nothing and i already look super pretentious and weird so that's its own thing! dammit! at the end of the day... i dont think a lot of my problems dont exist outside of my head but i'm often wrong about these kinds of things, so i will keep worrying.