People who hate the sound of music hate fun.

Yes, it is cheesy and the child actors aren't perfect but that doesn't matter because it’s delightful and happy,

and if you can't find any sense of joy while watching the sound of music-

why go on living?

I say this out of mercy because I genuinely can't imagine you’re experiencing joy elsewhere.


I see people who can't smile while watching an overly cutesy and campy and historically inaccurate story

about a nun falling in love with an emotionally closed-off widower and teaching him to love again through music and spending time with his children

the same way I see a horse with a broken leg.

“oh, how sad this is. I wish it weren’t the case but this beast’s quality of life is simply too poor for it to go on living."

"I must do the moral and righteous thing and put it out of its misery.”


it's fine if you don't like the movies i like. just don't be pretentious about it.