before the angel gabriel told mary that her son was the child of god, the world was run by demons

on december 25th, 0 AD, the birth of christ sealed away the demons of the world with his existence

these demons are called "banshees" and were seen as nothing more than myths and folklire

but in the year 2000, the seal broke.

banshees flooded the earth and tore society apart, every problem that existed in the world materialized.

the end times were here, but christ was nowhere to be found.

war, famine, death, plague- all these evils wraught havoc upon society, immortal monsters killing anyone they saw.

these monsters could be stopped, however. if the problems that created the banshee ceased to exist, so would the banshee itself.


but the UN said "fuck that" and "we're not gonna solve world hunger or do world peace, that's too much work."

so instead they spent trillions of dollars and five years genetically engineering human weapons and merging their souls with archangels.

thusly, the orchard children were born, each one completely perfect and a literal WMD with the soul of an angel inside them.

orchard was headquartered in San Francisco, CA due to it's status as the technology capital of the world.

however, the orchard children themselves were each born in different economic powerhouses.


Peachgirl was born in in Seoul, South korea, on September 18th, 2005.

Her soul is that of the archangel Gabriel, and she was the first child successfully created.

at the moment of her creation, over 15,000 (0.75%) of banshees were destroyed from existence and sent to hell.